From Secular To Stirring

I spent years listening to secular music, only because I didn't think Christian music had any good artists or songs. But the music I was listening to gave me a poor body image, made me focus on the past, and fostered materialism in my heart. I became bitter, self-centered, and insecure.

Two years ago, I discovered the Air1 radio station. It's a national station that makes me feel connected to others outside what I know. It builds my character, strengthens my soul, and points me to the things that really matter in life. Christian music helps me see myself the way God sees me. It helps me to move on from my past and focus on today.

To find the Air1 station near you or to listen online, click on the link below:

If you are also sick of feeling insecure and bitter, take a look at the list below. Find secular artists that you like and view some Christian artists that are similar. I hope you can find something that stirs your heart and is fun to listen to.

Here's Abandon's acoustic version of the song above. Personally, I think the recorded version is much better, since the lead singer's loud voice isn't overpowering the music.